The aim of this project is to pilot an entertaining and engaging educational intervention on mobile devices, targeted at teenagers to promote physical activity by:

a) Raising awareness on the importance of physical activity and healthy habits.

b) Supporting Physical Education teachers to acquire a wide knowledge on how to develop online lessons and engage their students on physical activity, providing them with useful examples.

c) Promoting the habit of doing physical activity daily and raise teenagers’ awareness on the importance of physical activity and healthy habits.

d) Developing an amusing and engaging mobile phone application based on gamification to motivate teenagers to do physical activity.


Partners will focus on different activities to ensure a good implementation of the project results:

- At least 12 partners’ staff members and Physical Education teachers attend the Transnational Training Event which will intend to have a multiplying effect, taking into account that teachers and staff involved in it will share the project’s concept to more educational professionals. Moreover, partners will create a document that will be uploaded on the Project’s website and Facebook account explaining the different activities carried out during the event.

- At least 12 Physical Education teachers per country will access and complete the online in-service training, which will help them acquire a wide knowledge regarding healthy habits and engaging activities that could be implemented in their lessons to improve students’ attitude towards Physical Education subject.

-The application will be tried by at least 240 students

- At least 120 representatives from educational institutions and the sport field will attend the multiplier events.


During the Project lifecycle it is expected that partners develop the following results:

-The first result will consist of the creation of a complete toolkit for teachers that will cover the different elements of the “Big 6” (physical activity, sufficient sleep, low screen time, consumption of alcohol and tobacco, and intake of healthy food) so that they can incorporate them in their teaching practices. Moreover, this toolkit will also incorporate different engaging activities and suggestions that could be implemented in the classroom.

-The second result consists on a web application with a visual aspect similar to ClassDojo that will contain important elements related to the “Big 6”, that will help students acquire healthier lifestyles in an engaging way. Students will be able to choose different resources and to improve their healthy habits, and they will have the possibility to check their own performance and evolution, represented in a graphic measuring each of the “Big 6” elements.

-The third result consists on a course on a Learning Management System containing some useful knowledge about teaching Physical Education using digital tools and including the big 6 will be created.