15. 4° Forum da REDESPP – Sport, Community and Quality of Life

The FITeens Project was presented in 4° Forum da REDESPP – Sport, Community and Quality of Life, held in Polytechnic Institute of Viseu, Portugal, organized by @REDESPP (Nacional Network of Schools with High Education in Sport of Public Polytechnic Institutes). The main purpose of this event was to promote institutional synergies that enhance the creation of conditions for: (i) the development of training and research in the area of sport and physical activity in Public Polytechnic Institutes, (ii) the pursuit of partnerships and common projects in the promotion of services to the community and support for the development of sport and physical activity. This event included plenary sessions, free communication sessions, thematic round tables, for researchers, teachers, sport and exercise professionals and students with an interest in the area of Sport, with also several moments conducive to the creation of networking.