* Quinoa is a very interesting type of pseudocereal. It is very rich in vitamins and minerals and its protein is of very good quality and it has a high fibre content.

* Did you know that quinoa is gluten-free? That's why quinoa salad is suitable for people with coeliac disease.


* Quinoa is considered a good alternative to other carbohydrate source foods such as pasta or rice.


For dressing:

  • From the basic "Oil-vinegar-salt" to other salad sauces or vinaigrettes (caesar or yoghurt sauce, mustard or honey vinaigrette, ...).


To prepare the quinoa, follow these steps:

1. Before cooking the quinoa, rinse it under running water, stirring well to remove any possible bitterness and drain. 

2. Next, place it in a pot, add twice as much water and bring it to a boil. 

For more flavour, use vegetable stock instead of water for cooking.

Cook until the quinoa is done (you can follow the time indicated by the manufacturer on the package). 

Be careful not to overcook it, otherwise it will be mushy and we want it to be al dente for the salad to be tasty!

4. Drain if there is any water left, put it on a plate and add the rest of the ingredients you have chosen for your salad.