R3 FITeens digital in-service Training for PE teachers

Training Physical Education teachers on how to use digital tools and resources and on how to motivate students is a key role to success in achieving more active and healthy lifestyles among teenagers.

Physical Education lessons are usually considered less important than many other subjects such as Mathematics or Language. Moreover, some Physical Education teachers experience many difficulties to create engaging and motivating online lessons due to the lack of knowledge concerning these digital resources.

The application created and the resources it will contain will be a useful tool to motivate teenagers and enhance their motivation to do physical activity. However, this tool will need the reinforcement and support of Physical Education teachers during their online Physical Education lessons. It is important that they know how to incorporate the application into their lessons but also know how to include other digital elements that will complement the app and will create complete and engaging Physical Education lessons.

For that reason, a course on a Learning Management System containing some useful knowledge about teaching Physical Education using digital tools will be created. It will enable educators to acquire the above-mentioned knowledge.

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