R3 FITeens digital in-service Training for PE teachers

Training Physical Education teachers on how to use digital tools and resources and on how to motivate students is a key role to success in achieving more active and healthy lifestyles among teenagers.

Physical Education lessons are usually considered less important than many other subjects such as Mathematics or Language. Moreover, some Physical Education teachers experience many difficulties to create engaging and motivating online lessons. The training of PE teachers in the use of different tools and  resources plays a key role in achieving more active and healthy lifestyles among adolescents. It is important to incorporate different resources to create innovative and attractive Physical Education lessons. For this reason, this online training course contains some useful knowledge to help teachers use different digital health promotion tools, so that they are able to motivate adolescents to adopt such habits. 

In this course you will find different training modules, associated to each of the related health-based behaviours on which the project is based (physical activity, healthy diet, tobacco consumption, alcohol consumption, sleep time and sedentary screen time). Each of these modules contains different external resources, such as videos or articles, and activities. Once you complete it, you will get the project badge!

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